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Monday, October 31, 2005

To live what I preach

"People have forgotten this truth," said the fox, "but you must not forget it. We are responsible, forever, for what we have tamed."

On Saturday, an era of my life ended right there in my lap as I helped Angel cross the Bridge. He followed his two sisters, Sunshine and Stubby, and their housemate Dolly who were surely there waiting for him already. I was responsible for him until the very ending moment in his life, and will love him far beyond that. I believe that is my responsibility, to love forever what I have tamed, but that doesn't make the reality any easier. In fact, it just SUCKS. But that's what I promised him the day he chose me almost 12 years ago and I have no doubts in my heart that we did the right thing at the right time.

Angel had been fading for awhile and I knew that moment was coming. I prepared myself for it, and spent the drive to our vet preparing us for it again. We took off his collars and brushed him all the way there. I fed him Lisa's liver treats until he honestly, finally, turned his nose up and told me he was full. I talked to him one last time, letting him hear his momma's voice tell him all the important things from this year and for the next-- what to tell the girls when he got there, and what I always wanted him to remember.

I also reminded him that when he reached the Bridge, he would be famous as the Big Dog's Dog. He was the inspiration for Greyhound Crossroads-- the dog that bonded with me so strongly that I grew to know I wanted other people to have that joy as well. All of the dogs we have had the priviledge of knowing in GC are there because of his love for me. I have never been loved stronger by a stronger heart than Angel. He would have jumped to the moon and back for me if I could just explain what I wanted.

The end of an era has come, and all the original dogs are gone now. CPF Carla was our Sunshine-- the little happy, vivacious, wiggle-butt girl who became the logo seen on the top of the GC webpage. CPF Sissy Boo was Stubby-- the shy girl who became my husband's baby heart and soul. Behn's Dolly was our precious Dolly-Girl, the first foster ever to reach GC and the one only who stayed in 10 years of fosters that followed her. And now, CPF Little B-- my handsome, incredible heart-dog Angel. We adopted the three littermates on the same day and our lives changed forever.

I won't say goodbye to these priceless souls because I believe I'll see them again. They're running free from pain now and will greet every GC dog that reaches the Bridge before me. But someday, sweethearts, we'll have another hug and a good welcome cry together.

Much love,


Friday, October 28, 2005

I know where my towel is. . .

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I woke up about 2am last night, and almost picked up the phone. I had the sudden urge to ask someone "Do Americans have too much personal freedom?!?" (Trust me, the person to whom this is directed is laughing right now....)

If we're very lucky, a few friends come into our young lives that become part of who we are. Through thick and thin, through all the years and the moves and trials, those friends remain. If we're VERY lucky there are one or two that last a lifetime.

I have one of those gifts in my life. She taught me to always know where my towel is, and which food is the most non-food food in existence. She once offered to teach me how to make a website, only to insist that I learn it "In Notepad the Right Way!" (As much as I hated to admit it, she was absolutely right.) After all these years I still know what T.A.R.D.I.S. means and can recognize the appropriate key on sight, but sadly haven't had any Deadly Jelly Babies in a long time. Although I didn't share her desire to see C'pnKirk die a horrible slow, over-played death, I still share her love of all campy sci-fi shows to this day. If you want, I can tell you a story of "27 8x10 color photographs with circles and arrows on the back of each one ...." And many friends would let the gang shown above 'kill' you for a college assignment??

I have one of those gifts in my life. She has listened to more over the years than anyone has a need to. She has remembered to ask about Paula in vet school EVERY TIME we talk....and always remembers to call and talk when my life runs it's crazy spinning out-of-control thing. She hurt for me when my dogs died, even though she was halfway across the country. She was the first one I called when Robert proposed because I was NOT getting married without her standing next to me. (Yeah, even though that meant putting on a dress, and a shiny one at that!) We've made it through the deaths of our fathers, unemployment, car crashes, and all manner of unpleasantness... and through all of these long years living so far away, she still calls us Bestest Buddies.

This blog was started last week with a bit of an ulterior motive. Just like my first website, I wanted the first post of real substance to be a birthday wish to this special person. She didn't want everyone on her job to know it's her birthday, so I thoughtfully cancelled the singing telegram (made him put his clothes back on, no less!), the skywriter (I kept adding too many words anyway!), the balloons, flowers, chocolate, personalized birthday cake, and case of honorary sugary cereal.

Happy Birthday Kristen. You will forever be a part of me, and you will forever have my heart.

Much love, hugs, and a few pieces of Dove Dark Chocolate,


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

For Jim....

I'll start. :-)



OK, so that was a little too big.

I'll learn! To my family and friends out there trying this at the same time, email me if you're having a hard time getting the html tags right for inserting links and pics. We'll learn together. :-)

Tryin' out pictures

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Let's see if I can read directions....want to make sure I'm doing it right before I go any further!

This is just a fun picture of our girl Florida, flying along the beach with her Daddy. I've never seen a dog love the water more than she does!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

As wide open as the sky. . .

That's how this new blog feels. It's really funny-- looking at it, after thinking about it for so long, feels like buying a new writing journal or gently teasing open the pages of a brand new book and peeking inside. There are all these days, and all these thoughts, and all the things we can talk about! What fun! No wonder they've become such a fixture of our vocabulary and web presence in four short years.

I can't help it...the promise is exciting. As if I needed another project to do!

Come along on the ride with me. Maybe you'll be inspired by the open white space ready to fill with your own words. . .

Welcome to the New World....

Well, I've done it. With lots of encourgement from friends far and near, I've finally created a blog. It will be interesting to see where the journey takes me. :-)