MamaDog Woofs

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Signs and blessings

I admit to being a person that believes in signs and blessings. They come to us for many reasons, from an infinite number of inspirations. But, if you don't believe, you will pass on by and the gift goes unnoticed.

Robert and I are getting close to our one-year anniversary of buying our home in Greenwood. I've also dedicated myself to the struggle of getting back in shape, and that touches my life every single day. Yesterday was an 'iffy' bad knee was telling me I needed to rest even though I would have normally gone to the YMCA for either pool or machine exercise. About 9pm I realized I was feeling lazy, sluggish, and slightly irritable. I decided I needed to move some, and because it rained all day I headed to WalMart. Might as well walk a little inside while getting my shopping done. After parking on the food side, I grabbed a buggy and power-walked to the very far corner of the store, way out into the garden shop. At that point my blessings started.

In the discount box I saw Gladiolus bulbs! Everyone in my family will know that Glads were 'the' flower I shared with my Grandmother and Grandfather Kolar, a traditional gift that I still leave on their graves whenever I visit LaPorte.

This morning Robert and I were hanging my new bulletin board in my office when I look out to see an Eastern Bluebird right outside the window looking at me! Bluebirds are traditional blessings on a new home, said to be good luck and the sign of happiness. But.....that's the same place I saw a bluebird ** the first day I visited this house**! I looked out the window, saw the bluebird, and told the realtor that the house was going to be a blessing for us. And I haven't seen them since that day! make sure I noticed....I just got the third blessing that's the most unbelievable. It's been raining since yesterday morning so this is the absolutely perfect time to finish putting my bulbs in the ground. It's been a steady, soaking rain that softens the ground while also watering- in the flowers. We got a break in the clouds and I ran outside to quickly drop a few bulbs. The second hole I dug brought up what looked like a rock. Robert ran over to grab it for me while I was working the shovel and pulled it out. Not a rock...a SEASHELL. A large seashell, buried about eight inches down in the flower bed at the front of my house. I didn't even break it with the shovel! The sea is a major part of my life. My kitchen is still a work in progress (c'mon, it's only been one year LOL) but it's shaping into a casual beach theme with aqua accents, sand, and beachglass. I collect sea fossils including agatized coral, seashells, and ocean critters. I spent the morning beginning the process necessary to set up my heart's desire, a saltwater reef tank in my living room. And here in my hand was a really nice large shell that had been buried deep in the flower bed at the front of my house. Of course I brought it in, cleaned it up, and added it to my windowsill.

I believe in blessings, and signs, and I take them as a gift sent to my heart. This is my home, and I'm going to be OK.