MamaDog Woofs

Monday, October 23, 2006

Drifting Leaves for Peaser

This time of year, my thoughts always go to Peaser.

My sister Paula loves the autumn.... loved it long before I learned to fully love the gifts that come with it. Fall is her favorite season and I always think of her this time of year when I'm driving or taking pictures.

This year in particular, she has been much in my thoughts. She's on the last strides of a long personal struggle to earn her future as a licensed vet. Years past have found her on the island of St. Kitts, far away from her family, but I think maybe this year might be worse. She's got to be tired, ready to be done, and now she's just far enough away to be TOO far from us. Instead of a tropical island she's in Indiana, watching the fall come, without her family to share it with. Sometimes, maybe, close is harder than far away.

This glorious fall cascade filled with crisp cold water and leaves full of color was taken Friday during a trip a letterbox. Just before I slipped and fell INTO the water, I was thinking about Peaser and how much she would have enjoyed the view with me. Just AFTER I slipped and fell INTO the water, I was thinking how much Peaser would have been laughing with me.

I can't give her the fall with us this year, but I can give her my thoughts, and my feelings of pride in her accomplishment, and the knowledge that soon she'll be close enough to hug. After this year, she can spend that precious fall time with everyone in her beloved family. We'll make a campfire, and argue about the whether the marshmallows are supposed to be roasted black or not, and take pictures together of those wonderful golden days. I can't give her that gift today, or tomorrow, but I can give her the knowledge that she is never far from my thoughts. Not ever. And particularly not on a glorious fall day that I hope to repeat year after year together.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just 'Cause

Remember when we all got this much joy out of everything around us? Grandchildren are given to us as a reminder, I think, that there is love everywhere you look closely enough to really see.

Laugh, little Connor! We love you.