MamaDog Woofs

Saturday, May 30, 2009

If all else fails.....

sometimes you just have to entertain yourself.
(Our grandson Adam, not quite a year old, during the dance recital last weekend. )

Too Many Lines!!!

Has anyone seen the movie "Amadeus"? There's a famous line in there about 'there's just.....too many notes!'

I'm fascinated by the work of M.C. Escher, particularly his Symmetry/ Tesselation artwork. These drawings don't really have names, but Escher numbered them and in some cases referred to them by familiar titles. This one is "#91, Scarabs". The picture below shows the original printout on the right, carved areas (first pass) in the middle, and the untouched pencil transfer on the left.
This has been a fun one to draw out of the PZKut even if there are WAY too many lines! What was I thinking??

Friday, May 29, 2009

She's got the Blogging Block Blues

OK, I'm just going to post! I'm just going to sit here, put fingers to laptop, and type.

For weeks I've been meaning to post. On the drive to work each morning (which I hate, btw) I think of all these marvelous things we could discuss here. My sister having a baby is a good one-- just call me Aunt Kimmee! I've had a wonderful trip to the with my mother and step-daddy-- those pictures are still hanging out there ready to be put up. We've done the annual dance recital, I've carved up a storm, and all SORTS of other things that one or two folks in the universe might be interested in reading. And yet, day after day, I've been stuck.

So thank you, kind readers....or at least those few who are still reading after this nonsense. This ought to break the block, unplug my brain, loosen the creative typing fingers! Or, I hope it does anyone. If Seinfeld can do an entire tv show about nothing, surely I can be forgiven for one pointless blog entry. ;-)