MamaDog Woofs

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

To my 'Baby' Brothers...

all grown up!

Two of my brothers had birthdays in the last few weeks...Andy in January, and Chris today. I miss seeing them as the years have passed, and missing out on all the things that make their lives special and important. Andy is married to a wonderful young lady named Jess who has a sparkle and sense of humor that I just adore. Their baby girl Anna is a true, shining joy! Chris is recently married as well, loving his own young family with wife Michelle and her children. He has a true connection to his son Robert that speaks of love and a special understanding. The picture above was taken after our mother's wedding to the Amazing Daddy Jim-- a wonderful, lasting moment in time that we came together to honor them. And the cycle goes on...more families united, more first steps, more first hugs and baby kisses, and more days to make memories together.

They're both remarkable individuals with different but unique lives. Once I was the big sister....that seems so LONG ago! I'm so proud to know my baby brothers have grown up to be such special people.

Monday, February 20, 2006

A Jenna WOOF!

A big WOOOOF to Jenna, Susan's little whippy girly!

A bunch of us joined Susan at the dog show in Greenville on Saturday to watch her boy Jubil show in Confirmation, then Susan compete with Jenna in Rally/Novice B. They were the second team to show and she got a perfect score! Jenna adores me and I love her right back, along with her mommie. :-) It was a real joy to watch that 'working' change come over Jenna. She went into serious mode, did what she was supposed to do, and walked away perfect! When asked she even gave a demonstration of a 'finish', right there in the middle of a crowd with barely walking room in front of her. She had eyes only for my momma and trusted her to tell her everything she needed to know. :-) Susan wasn't able to stay for a run-off because of prior committments at home but that score is AWESOME!

We also found out that Jubil has no hearing on one side. I'm very sad for him and for Susan, and am sending out lots of prayers for strength and healing. Saturday I'll go with her to have him checked at our vet while we're hoping for a miracle.

Unfortunately none of the action shots from the day came out on my digital. I don't know if it was the lighting, or the movement, but they're all very dark and too fuzzy to see much. I got the scoreboard shot though. LOL Congrats to Jenna, Jubil, and their mommie Susan for a good day in competition. Thanks for letting us share the day with you!

We went from there to Cheeseburger in Paradise for a relaxing lunch with all my wonderful greyhound friends. Where would I be without them??? I am so thankful for the grace that they deal with the pressures of what we do, and the love they extend to me and our group. Seeing the confidence in their eyes that we're together, and we're strong, is my most powerful motivation to keep going every day. This was a weekend of highs and lows, including three dogs adopted but one dog transferred out of GC. I choose to remember the good parts and trust that my friends are there believing right alongside me.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Greetings to my Grandma

Every year, our family has a little friendly competition to see who's crocuses come up first. My grandmother and mom still live in northern IN, juuuuust south of Lake Michigan and therefore in the dreaded 'lake effect snow' corridor. I, on the other hand, moved to warm South Carolina with NO snow in sight. Grandma always says that's no fair....when I win, it doesn't really COUNT. She's probably right, but I can't ever resist sharing that first dose of wonderful golden orange anyway.

This year, the poor little things popped their heads out to welcome the spring....and I ran over them! Robert found them after I backed out to leave for work. Nevertheless they're still there, trying hard to survive and spread their sunniness every time I walk by.

While photographing them to prove to Grandma I WIN, I found these first daffodils under a bush in the protected part of the yard. Spring is coming!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Lycra shorts are for wimps!

Oh, my. ;-)

This is an advertising poster for the Highland Games found in my mother's favorite Irish pub. The caption is indeed "Lycra Shorts are for Wimps!" Just thought I'd share, nothing else I really need to say....... LOL

I showed this picture to my sister who did NOT have the same reaction. Not even close. I told her if it was a dirty pair of bunkers she'd get it. Folks who don't get this just....aren't....gonna get it. LOL