MamaDog Woofs

Monday, May 15, 2006

Sunset Wishes

Yesterday was Mother's Day....and today, the day after, my Mother is supposed to feel good and loved and honored. Instead a situation kinda intruded itself long distance that kept her very special gift from arriving.

So, instead, I'm going to wish for her something else. I wish for my special, intelligent, sensitive Mom the good things in life she deserves. I wish for her more of these quiet moments on the beach with her terrific husband, my DaddyJim. I wish for her moments of clarity when the thoughts and artistic inspirations come as clear as this sunset was the night we watched it coming over Sunset Beach. I wish for her the relaxing sound of waves and gulls and breeze that we share every year during our gentle time together in Myrtle Beach. I wish for her those moments of surprise and delight as the dolphins make their annual appearance....and the strength to remember those other dolphin moments with joy instead of sorrow. I wish for her days in the sunshine, with books to read and special sights to see, as long as she wants them.

I wish for her all good things that bring to her pleasure, and quiet joy, and the surprise of nature renewed. And I am thankful to have shared those with her too.

I can't wrap those up for her, but I would if I could. Instead, I'll do my best to bring those to her EVERY year....not just one day a year in May.

Much love, hugs, and sand in our shoes,

Your Favorite Daughter

Friday, May 12, 2006


My lovely, compassionate, amazing sister.....look how cute you started out!! What the heck happened?

Just kidding. What's a little teasing between favorite sisters, huh?

Today is your birthday- a day that brought ME a gift instead of that way it's supposed to work. Today you came into the world a bright, shining, child full of promise. I was too young to understand then, of course, that some day you would be a gift to ME. But today I am thankful that you are forever part of my life. You have grown from this beautiful child to a confident, caring vet with the promise of many furry lives to save ahead of you and a heart that always has room for me when I need it. Mostly I'm just thankful that I finally figured out a way to remember the date....a story that only you understand.

We have the SAME NAME! And you have my heart, always and forever my very most FAVORITE sister. You'll have to wait for the rest of your present until you get home. And if blogger will straighten up and let me load some more pictures I'll see if I can find something else to embarrass you with tonight.

Love you bunches, Peaser. Happy Birthday.