MamaDog Woofs

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Twice in one Week!

Ya know, it's just no fair. Somebody, something that came in the mail, mail me cry TWICE in ONE week!

Early this week I received a little tiny package of pure dynamite in the mail. I mean, the contents of this package absolutely MUST be illegal in 20 states and the District of Columbia. Jim sent me two little bottles of "Hesston Hellfire", his OH so special, OH so potent home-brewed hot sauce. I shook the first bottle up well, cautiously opened the top and inhaled deeply. Then fell backwards out of my chair.

Well, not LITERALLY you understand..... but the earth stopped rotating, the Spice Angels started signing in chorus, my eyes started watering, and visions of incredible foods danced in my head. This stuff is POTENT. Robert's already decided he's not brave enough but I am! Jim suggested ribs and I'm thinking that just might be my first try. It makes your mouth water just opening the bottle!

Now if that wasn't enough, if tears of joy (and potent fumes) weren't enough, yesterday I received a card in the mail. I recognized the writing as Jim's and thought 'it's a little late for Christmas cards, and too early for my birthday!' I opened the card and dang if I didn't start crying again. (shaking my head) Inside an adorable daughter Valentine's Day card was a note from him: "You're a joy to me in my old age, and more than I deserve. Daddy Jim" (note from Kim.....everyone should remember at this point that 'old age' is relative!!)

Ohhhhhh, boy. Tears of joy without the fumes this time! The card is now permanently on my office bulletin board where I can see it every day. He may never know what joy HE brought to my life with those words. I don't know what I did in life to deserve HIS love, but whatever it was I thank the heavens for it. It's wonderful knowing I have a Daddy Jim, and that he wants a relationship with me by choice. I ask you, what better gift can we ever hope to receive than that??? Nothing, I don't think, better than the love of someone who cares enough to write that in a card and mail it. I shall treasure it forever.