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Friday, May 12, 2006


My lovely, compassionate, amazing sister.....look how cute you started out!! What the heck happened?

Just kidding. What's a little teasing between favorite sisters, huh?

Today is your birthday- a day that brought ME a gift instead of that way it's supposed to work. Today you came into the world a bright, shining, child full of promise. I was too young to understand then, of course, that some day you would be a gift to ME. But today I am thankful that you are forever part of my life. You have grown from this beautiful child to a confident, caring vet with the promise of many furry lives to save ahead of you and a heart that always has room for me when I need it. Mostly I'm just thankful that I finally figured out a way to remember the date....a story that only you understand.

We have the SAME NAME! And you have my heart, always and forever my very most FAVORITE sister. You'll have to wait for the rest of your present until you get home. And if blogger will straighten up and let me load some more pictures I'll see if I can find something else to embarrass you with tonight.

Love you bunches, Peaser. Happy Birthday.



  • No, you have it ALL backwards!!!

    **YOU** are a gift to ME.

    It's funny how we were never close, until. Until something magical happened, would you say about high school for me? Wonder what it was? The fact that maybe I was becoming an adult sister instead of a pesky annoying *frog-face* half-sister. I truly wish we could have grown up together, oh just imagine the hell we would have raised. But I have you now, and ohhhh, the hell we raise now! What is it you said?, "When the Critter Sisters get together, the experience tends to be a little frightening to small children and assorted pets..."

    I treasure you beyond belief. You are who I turn to when I can't talk anyone else. You are the one that knows **all** of my secrets. You tell it straight up, doesn't matter if it is what I want to hear or not (you're usually right).
    You are my sister and we have the same name.
    I love you Shimmy...ALWAYS!

    By Blogger Doc P, at 4:55 PM  

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