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Monday, May 15, 2006

Sunset Wishes

Yesterday was Mother's Day....and today, the day after, my Mother is supposed to feel good and loved and honored. Instead a situation kinda intruded itself long distance that kept her very special gift from arriving.

So, instead, I'm going to wish for her something else. I wish for my special, intelligent, sensitive Mom the good things in life she deserves. I wish for her more of these quiet moments on the beach with her terrific husband, my DaddyJim. I wish for her moments of clarity when the thoughts and artistic inspirations come as clear as this sunset was the night we watched it coming over Sunset Beach. I wish for her the relaxing sound of waves and gulls and breeze that we share every year during our gentle time together in Myrtle Beach. I wish for her those moments of surprise and delight as the dolphins make their annual appearance....and the strength to remember those other dolphin moments with joy instead of sorrow. I wish for her days in the sunshine, with books to read and special sights to see, as long as she wants them.

I wish for her all good things that bring to her pleasure, and quiet joy, and the surprise of nature renewed. And I am thankful to have shared those with her too.

I can't wrap those up for her, but I would if I could. Instead, I'll do my best to bring those to her EVERY year....not just one day a year in May.

Much love, hugs, and sand in our shoes,

Your Favorite Daughter


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