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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanks for the Giving

Like many families, we have the tradition of choosing the one thing we're most thankful for around the dinner table today. Unfortunately I'm far away from two parts of my own family this holiday.....Zoe and Paula are at her house in Indiana, and Mom and Jim are at theirs in another area of Indiana as well. Too far away for holiday hugs. :-( Technology to the rescue! I can share my thoughts here and that'll just have to do.

This year we have so many things to be thankful for. The damage to Robert's eyes was stopped and he seems to be healing now. The fire in Kristen's home was stopped with relatively minimal damage and no lasting injury to any of them. Connor came through his surgery very well and has an excellent prognosis for a long, wonderful future. Mom is retiring-- soon she'll be able to travel, and hopefully in my direction! Paula is finishing vet school and will very soon be a short drive away in TN. So many wonderful things.

One thing has really changed my life in a broad way this year though, and it's probably what I'm most thankful for right now. It's the gifts that have been given to my life by the special women in it.

Kristen, my dearest old buddy, has been there for most of my life. She brings with her the gift of knowing that someone out there is in it for the long haul. Our lives have taken us far away from each other and many times I haven't been the best friend that she was. (My memory is AWFUL!!) Somehow she never gave up on me.

My mother and I have really connected in past years in a very special way. Acceptance, love, and real communication with that most connected person in our lives is a true miracle. Every year we blossom a little more together, I think, and it's nothing that can be forced. It just happens, and thank all the powers in the universe that we've connected in a truly spiritual way.

Paula, my most beloved FAVORITE sister, has brought into my life a closeness that now makes me understand how people through history have described that relationship. I love my brothers very much, but it's different with a sister! She has given me so much love and understanding, and I'm so grateful that we've connected in our adult lives.

Zoe is the constant force that is a gift unto itself. She'll answer that question about cooking or sewing matter how many times you ask it. Her door and heart are always open, even when you're calling to say she's having emergency company in an hour. There is much to be said for being straight, and true, and constant.

Cynthia and Emily, they come as a pair! I have always been so grateful for the wonderful relathionship I have with Cynthia, but when Emily was born it took on a new layer that is priceless. There's no way I can explain in words what it means for Emily to ask for ME when she's sick. Mothers everywhere understand that but it's something I'll never have with my own children. Cynthia somehow understood that from the beginning and has brought into my life a way for me to be like that with hers.

Susan, no list would be complete without you. In life, your gift is grace in all the times of pain that come, in the times of work that present themselves, in the times where there really is nothing to do or say but BE graceful. You have taught your incredible daughters the same thing in the only way that works for a teacher-- by doing it. Only a mother can show her daughters, and her friends, and her family, and even her dogs that gift.

And so many others like the amazing, generous ladies who sustain Greyhound Crossroads every single day! All of them bring a different gift to my life as we all work together toward the goal.

I have to close this and move on with my day but if any of my family reads it in the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. To the women in my life, you are all incredible people and I'm very grateful for the gifts you have brought to me. I hope that someday you'll feel rewarded with love in kind.



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