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Thursday, November 16, 2006

It all comes down to this......

Several years ago, my amazing sister Paula began a journey that might end tomorrow. It comes down to this....she's sitting her vet licensing Boards in the morning! I can't imagine what she's thinking right now, but there are some things I DO know.

Paula, my most beloved, favorite sister, you are strong. You are strong enough to walk in there tomorrow, dig DEEP, and listen to your instincts. You KNOW what they want to know. It's all right there, ready for you to call it up when you need it. It will all be there when you ask for it.

You may be strong, but you're also hard headed. (winking) Only you could have pushed through the pain to learn the skills of a surgeon with the difficulties you had. You walked into a foreign country on St. Kitts, later than your classmates, and made it. You pushed your way through our mutual loss, through the hard times, and pretty much through everything else because it was what you wanted. Use that. Put that hard head to work, don't let yourself be freaked out by the attempt to freak you out (winking again) and PUSH tomorrow.

You may be strong, and hard headed, but you also have a core of calmness. Only you could have remained quiet and controlled when being kicked in the face by a horse. You are the one that calmed me down when I lost my beloved Angel, combining the information I needed from a vet with the love and support I needed from a sister. Put that calmness to work tomorrow and let the six hours and pressure wash right over you. Be calm tomorrow and know that through the calmness, your instincts and training will shine straight through like a light to your future.

You can do it. You WILL do it. I have absolutely no doubt, any more than I doubt the love we have as sisters. You will do it with strength, grace, and the sureness that you've done the very best you can possibly do. And that will be enough....I have no doubt.

Lots of Kimmee Love and Hugs


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