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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Heidi Heidi HO!

We humans think we're pretty smart. We plan out our lives, decide how things should happen, put things in our future like writing them in a calendar. "The next dog will be a big, lovable boy for Robert", we said with just a touch of smug confidence...."and we won't get a senior either, so that we don't have dogs aging at the same time again."

Hmmmm, yeah. Well.... I'm not sure dogs can read calendars.

Some dogs come into your life on soft little feet, sneaking in with a snaggle-tooth grin oblivious to the couldn't, shouldn't and won'ts that are supposedly set up ahead of time.

And so Heidi, precious little Heidi, came in as a foster and grinned her way straight into her Daddy's heart. And with a grin, pronounced that she just wasn't leaving.

Welcome to our family, sweet girl. You're a Daddy's girl, through and through, but Florida and I have taken a shine to you too. :-)


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