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Monday, March 06, 2006


My beautiful, beautiful Emily. :-)

Our grandaughter Emily is just the most beautiful, intelligent, sunny child. She LOVES to play and when you catch her in the right mood will joyfully ham for the camera doing all sorts of funny things like happy monster/sad monster. Her mother Cynthia is also such a joy in my life and takes the most amazing pictures of her. Since the day she was born my work area at school has never been without at least one of Cynthia's pictures of her.

This was one of those impromptu days when everything clicked for pictures. They were just playing around with Emily sitting on her Daddy's car and snapping photos. I ADORE this shot-- so much emotion and color and yet absolutely nothing was going on. Our little actress, seen here at three years old!

Such happiness that can come into my life with a split second captured by a digital camera.... Last week she wanted to talk to us late one night so that she could tell us she loved her 'G'andDaddy and MeMe'. I love you too, little Emmaweeee. :-)


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