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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You, TOO, have a Peevie!

When I was in high school I had a friend who talked about Peevies. Very serious business it was too. According to her, Peevies are those small things that drive us CRAAAZY because they niggle at our brain and our nerves. They aren't Pet Peeves...not the really BIG stuff....but those little things that just aggravate the tar out of normal thinking people. Just for a little levity, here are a few of my own Peevies from our shared Human Experience:

* Plastic bandaids instead of the cool flexible cloth ones. BLECH!

* People who pull up to a 4-way stop and wave everyone else through trying to be polite. Just GO ALREADY! Everyone will honestly get through faster if you just GO.

* The dinging of the engine when your car is off but the keys are still in. Honestly, can folks really not hear that??

* The 20th, 40th, and 57th cutsey email I've been forwarded for the third time by the same person.

* Folks who don't open their purses or wallets until after the total shows on the register. (we all know it's coming, don't we?? You're gonna have to pay in *just* a second......)

* Pens that don't write. Outta be a law! (that goes for the second, third, and fourth pen that you also try and they don't write too, and it always happens when you're trying to take down a phone message)

* Phone marketers who called my house the very minute Obama stepped out of the White House on his innauguration. Well, OK.....ALL telemarketers. We'll just cover it that way. :-)

* Asking for Diet Coke in a restaurant and getting surprised on the first drink with Dr. Pepper. (ewwwwwww shudder)

* Folks who pull into your lane of traffic right in front of you, making you use the brakes or knock off the cruise, when there is NOONE behind you as far down the road as you can see. (Could they really be in that much of a hurry that another 20 seconds would have mattered? REALLY?)

* That one little teeny tiny scratch in your favorite CD. It's not enough to replace it but you know it's coming...and you wait for it....and you know it's going to happen.....

* Loose scissors. ACK!

* Walking up to the Coke machine, so thirsty, and you dig in your pocket for change, and this is going to taste SO GOOD. And you're 5 cents short.

* That ONE SONG that comes on the radio that you can't STAND. So you quickly turn the station to listen to something...anything....else and what happens??!? The stupid song is stuck in your head for the rest of the day!

May your own Peevies not darken your day. ;-)


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