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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

It's just a little Squirt

So funny story from today. :-)
Since I knew Paula was expecting, I've 'seen' the baby as a boy. Read down for proof that I've been calling this one. (laughing)
Last night after work I went to Dollar Tree, my favorite Dollar Store in Greenwood, for some goodies. You just never know what you'll find there and the coolest surprise was some Finding Nemo toys. They're just adorable-- small, very nicely done, and only $1. Such a deal! Paula and I both love Finding Nemo and I'm particuparly fond of sea turtles. I LOVE the characters of Crush and his baby turtle. Without hesitating I pulled off two of the little turtles, one for Paula and one for me. I saw her today and gave her one just as a little surprise.
She took one look and said "So you think I'm having a boy!"
I sat there a minute, totally lost. I ran it back over in my head..... (we both love the movie, both love turtles....)
Then it hit me. Not only am I convinced she's having a boy, but when you do the first ultrasound it's often described as 'looking for the turtle'. If the little developing boy parts show, it really does look like a turtle on the images. Paula thought I gave her THIS turtle for a reason. (laughing) I had to go back to the computer and look up that the little turtle's name is SQUIRT. (every person who has ever changed an infant boy's diaper is laughing right now!)
Maybe this is just confirmation that we'll find another turtle on the 27th! Duuuude, we're havin' a baby!


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